A shameful ado

I have started a new blog.

I have sucked at knit-blogging for a long time, and on an impulse after much diliberation, I have decided to bid this fair blog a painful goodbye.

I have started a new blog, which is just basically a life-blog for me.  There’s hardly any time for me to knit, let alone take very many pictures, but I do love blogging and putting my thoughts and feelings out onto the internet for all to judge :D  There will be knitting occasionally, maybe much much more once I get a handle on my classes and actually have time to knit, but I can’t make any promises.

So, fare the well, my humble knit bloggers.  Feel free to stalk me at my new home (Blogspot).




In which I am a huge liar.

No pictures were taken outside during daylight hours today.

However, I am so smitten with this scarf that I used the camera on my Macbook Pro to take this, the world’s worst picture ever.

This is my current obsession: the crazy striped scarf I started yesterday, that is actually not at all crazy looking.  I’m so in love with this scarf to the point that I’d like to run around outside in the snow, wearing nothing but the scarf screaming “LOOKY LOOKY, I CAN MAKE IT STRIPE HOWEVER I WANT, LOOK AT ALL THE STRIPES, LOOK AT ALL THE COLORS AND I CAN MAKE THEM CHANGE WHENEVER I WANT!”

But I think the cars passing would look at me weird, or not understand my excitement.  Dumb Muggles.

But tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow, I’m going to take a bunch of adorable pictures of my beloved in the snow.  With clothes on though, I promise.



I lied in the last post.  I do not have pictures because by the time I had time to take pictures today, it was too dark and I can’t get accurate pictures to display the colors.  BUT, I can tell you what I’ve gotten done in the last day.

1.) Nascar afghan.  I got the slanted bars of yellow and red, and the “NA” of the Nascar symbol.  Tonight I plan on doing the S, because it’s so boring to the point where I can only do one letter at a time.  Plus, I don’t even have my yarn yet, so it’s not like I’m under a deadline or anything.

2.) Stocking for Dad.  My bother, mother and I have handknitted stockings from one of my late great aunts, and my Dad has a non-matching one that my mom has always hated.  So, I’m knitting him a stocking.  I studied my stocking, and figured out that my aunt used a regular sock pattern, only using worsted weight yarn with bigger needles, so it’s not difficult at all.  Just time consuming and can only be done when I’m away from my father, AKA nighttime and while he’s at work.  Which brings me to–

3.) The Masculine Striped Scarf.   I knit my brother the Boyfriend hat last year, and decided to knit him a scarf this year to match his hat.  I couldn’t remember if his hat was gray and blue, or gray and black, or whatever because I did it striped, so I grabbed all the colors I used last year, plus some other dark blues and light blues– all with gray tones– and have started a 1×1 ribbed scarf that randomly stripes.  And I. LOVE. IT.  I love it so much that it is no longer a gift for my brother, it’s a little fun project for me.  (I know that seems harsh, but my brother and I DO NOT get along whatsoever, nor do we talk at all.  In actuality, we haven’t even spoken since I left for college in August, even though I saw him almost everyday over Thanksgiving Break.  We’re just not friends, just not close at all.  And instead of making him something that I love that he won’t appreciate– which my mother pointed out, and convinced me of, actually– I’m going to keep it, and possibly pass it along to someone else who actually will like it.)  And it’s keeping me thoroughly entertained  :)  Pictures of all the colors tomorrow, when I can get some natural sunlight.

4.) College Friends Christmas Gifts.  Yeah, this stuff is not getting knitted, and I’m not sorry.  It’s boring, and I’m sick of slippers.   They don’t exist.  I’ll worry about them later… Bah, humbug.

5.) Grandma’s socks.  Grandma’s socks that didn’t get knitted because I hate the yarn and it wasn’t knitting up properly because it wasn’t actually sock yarn.  The wrapper and the manufacturer lied.  The yarn was heavier than regular sock yarn, but not exactly “heavyweight” sock yarn, therefore it refused to knit into something that actually resembled a reasonable sock.  If it knit it on larger needles, I wasn’t happy with the loose gauge, and if I went down a needle size, then the sock was so tight that I could literally stand it up on it’s own and it could probably walk around without a foot inside of it.

Anyone have an idea for Grandma’s Christmas gift that I can knit up in three days?


Christmas Break

I’m home :)

And as an update to the somewhat cryptic matter I started things out in last time, I just want to point out that I’m okay.  School is slowly getting easier, and after being away from school for a full three days, I’m realizing that my anxiety isn’t totally coming from school, it’s coming from other aspects of life as well.  Which I find a useful bit of information to know.


I’m working on a new afghan for my daddy!

I think you all remember the beast:

The Texas Longhorn Afghan I made for my uncle.  It took me four years, and a lot of freakin’ frustration.  I bitched, bitched, and bitched about this sucker FOREVER, and the weight finally lifted off my shoulders.

And now I’m going to do it all over again!

I’m designing my Dad a Nascar afghan.  Pictures to come soon, because my camera is dead (wait, what? I’ve said “pictures to come” before and haven’t delivered? what?) and I want to get further along with the color chart for the first and hardest part.  I’m using an image of the signature Nascar symbol and this chart to create my chart.  And I’m using my old pieces of graph paper taped together system to do so, so it’s kind of an obnoxious system.  When it’s all done and my camera is charged, I’ll show a picture of it.  But, for the record, I’m using Cascade 220 Wool to make the afghan.

And that’s all.

Pictures to come.


Christmas Knitting

College is hard.

I’m not going to go into all the hairy details, but this hasn’t been the easiest past few months for me.  Long story short, I haven’t been adjusting very well, and I’m dealing with it.  I’m seeing a counselor, and things are getting a little easier as time goes on.

But that’s not what I wanted to talk about!

I’m finally beginning Christmas Knitting, and I’m really excited.  It’s mostly presents for girls on my floor– which is one of the good parts of school, I love the girls on my floor– and some socks for my Grandma.  Here’s the low-down:

Seven pairs of slippers, and three headbands.

It’s not really as bad as it sounds, they don’t have to be done until Jan. 9, so it’s all good.  Plus I’m going to have tons of downtime this coming week, and tons of downtime the week after Christmas.  I’m not worried, I’m actually excited to have something to do over break.

Well, okay.  Now I’ve checked in, you know I’m knitting– I’ve finished two headbands, and two pairs of socks this year, not to mention a really chunky scarf.  I don’t have pictures because I’m a slacker, but I’ll have some pictures after final exams are over with next week, and I have time to take them/have willing photographers to take pictures for me.

See?  Still alive.  Still in college, haven’t failed (yet). Just kidding. I hope.



I’m alive.
At college.
It’s hard.
I miss my friends.
And I’m knitting.

Starting a knitting club at Collins Living Learning Center at Indiana University.
Also trying not to fail my classes, and am focusing heavily on my health, because I think I’m going to major in nutrition science now.
That’s all.

How’d that get here..

I had a dentist appointment today.  They numbed the entire left size of my mouth, tongue and ear, and I was slightly out of it on the way home.  And I say slightly as in the Grand Canyon is a slightly large hole.  And I blame the absent-minded driving for somehow having ended up at Jo Anne Fabrics.  It was all a blur, but somehow I was walking into the shop — and then everything went blank. I don’t remember anything, not even walking up and down the aisles, looking at all the yarn.  Or deciding to get the bulky weight yarn over the chunky.  Or comparing the price of getting the whole “Knit Kit” vs buying the individual items, or counting slowly and decided that buying enough yarn for six projects was good.  Yeah, six projects good.  I don’t remember any of that.  But yet, when I got home, I was walking into the house with bag of yarn.  I think the Novocain really must’ve messed me up.

Ten skiens of sock yarn, two skiens for a scarf for my mother for Christmas, three skiens of bulky weight for a hat and scarf combo for me, the old half-finished scarf, and some skeins for some charity hats.  I’m determined to take this box, and only this box full of yarn to college, and I’ll replenish when I come home for Thanksgiving, but it’s seeming a tad small.  I’ve still got to fit this in there

Just in case I run out of things to knit.  I’ve never been to college before, so I want to be over-prepared for my first few months, and then I can adjust after that.  Plus, I like yarn.  The end :)

And regarding the Mystery Top, I’m just starting to make some progress on it after I assed it up.  I’ll post pictures of it after this weekend, as I am going to the lake for the final summer bash, The Beer Bash (that’s the legit name, I promise).  Pictures on Monday, when I will be trying to avoid the final packing.

Five Days Until College.

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